Irish Seanoss


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Harvested in the lively and nutrient-dense waters of St. Lucia, Irish Seamoss is a high-grade healing ancestral seaweed. Full of life, wild-crafted and sustainably sourced Rich Sol Food’s seamoss is cultivated and cared for with love. It contains nutrients and minerals needed for you to thrive, provides long-lasting energy with slow-released carbohydrates and is a rich source of iodine. Irish seamoss is beneficial in muscle and joint recovery, for revitalizing and nourishing hair, skin and nails and can help boost your metabolism. The seamoss gel can be used in soups, stews, smoothies. It can act as thickening agent and can even be used a face mask. The versatility of seamoss allows it to take on the taste of whatever it is mixed with. This seaweed is nothing short of amazing! For recipes and more information, head over to: To learn more about Rich Sol Food’s, check us out at: