Jumbo Suya

Sometimes, businesses are started from a need — a need to survive. Charles started @jumbosuya after losing his job due to COVID -19.

Despite his need, he is using his business to help his community. Proceeds from @jumbosuya are going to his community in Nigeria. . . .The importance of businesses in our community cannot be overemphasized.


“My Name is Charles Jumbo.

I am a dad of two, married to my wife Kernesha. I was born in Portharcourt, Nigeria.

I started jumbo suya after being laid off from my job during this pandemic. I couldn’t help but think about the millions of people across the world that are in worst condition. At least in Canada we did get support from the government, but my birth* country is not the same. So to help, I decided to go into the Suya business. Some of the proceed from the suya business will be sent to Nigeria to help a family or more.”