About us

Afrohub is a digital marketplace  that connects consumers directly with black-owned businesses to buy and sell products, procure services, network and build connections.


The Business Case

Small black businesses in Canada have been run in the past with an old business approach that fails to leverage technology to improve its operations and service quality. The COVID-19 situation further exacerbated this situation as these businesses could not offer online services thereby posing a risk to customers who needed their services (especially retailers).

Our Vision of Business Sustainability

Our vision is to use data driven technology to create a  sustainable global community by empowering black owned businesses.We are achieving this by connecting these businesses with a larger customer base and also providing business support, finance and education needed for sustainability. 

The AfroHub Community Effect

We are rooted in our  traditional values of community, resilience, sustainability,  and continuous improvement. We are creating a social legacy of business sustainability, which in turns powers our growing communities. 

Corporate Responsibility 

Our team is actively engaged in the community as activators, connectors and leaders.