Funding options to help you hire a student in Canada during COVID-19

Funding options to help you hire a student in Canada during COVID-19


We know the pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on many of our businesses. From stores closing down to completely pivoting to the online space, we are looking for ways to innovate so we can continue serving our families and our communities. Furthermore, with changes coming every day you might feel overwhelmed and might be asking yourself – how can I still grow my business and get through the pandemic? What resources are available to support me in this transition?

If you have been looking for funding opportunities to continue your operations for example by moving your business to an online space, these are some options you can take advantage of in Canada.

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Funding to hire students in Canada

Career Launcher Program for various internships

Where you as an employer could get up to $30,000 to hire skilled students and grads to strengthen your business. Internships fall under 4 different categories depending on the work being done: 

  • Clean Tech
  • Digital Tech
  • ImpAct
  • Natural Resources 


#afrosustainabilitytip: Why not hire a student to help you set up a new online inventory system? to support you with your market research? To help you develop & carry out a project linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? 


The Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) from New ventures BC which provides up to $10,000 a year for B.C.-based companies to hire undergrad and graduate students. Due to COVID-19, tech companies and non-tech organizations can access it.  This funding is specific for businesses on British Columbia. 


Grants are also available with other Canada-wide funding programs such as: 

  • Venture for Canada Internship Program: eligible employers can now receive 75% of their allowable wage subsidy and they have now updated their system to allow remote working positions.
  • WIL Digital: up to $7,000 for employers who hire students from underrepresented groups (women in STEM, indigenous students, students with disabilities, recent immigrants, and first-year students).
  • Gearing Up: up to $7,000 for employers who create new work integrated learning opportunities in the mining industry such as co-ops, internships, field placements, applied projects, capstone projects or case competitions.


#afrosustainabilitytip: If you would like to hire a student but don’t know where to start connect with us and we can connect you to the right resource or mentor you through the applications as part of our business support services


Has your business been impacted by the pandemic? Please let us know in the comments below so we can share meaningful resources to help your business thrive.


Please check in with the funders' websites for the latest information or send us a message as funding guidelines continue to be updated! 

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